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e-port  |  Cartografía Atlántica, siglos XIV-XVIII

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In 1768, Captain Cook embarked on his first voyage of discovery. His primary objective was to observe the transit of Venus from Tahiti in 1769. Secret orders then sent him on southwards to search for the unknown continent that geographers thought must exist in the Southern Ocean. He proceeded to survey New Zealand and the east coast of Australia, claiming the whole of the latter for George III as ‘New South Wales’. Cook’s company on the 'Endeavour' included the gentleman-naturalist Joseph Banks and his party of assistants and artists. The voyage’s blend of scientific observation and collecting, artistic recording, and territorial claims served as a model for all future European voyages of this type. Cook’s success as captain led to his promotion to commander on his return in 1771, and his appointment to two further voyages.

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